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"He says it's common for heatstroke victims to suffer from swelling of the brain. Lee had several risk factors for heatstroke: He had collapsed three months earlier after isolating himself in a hot editing room without air conditioning; he'd had his armpit sweat glands removed because he disliked sweat stains on his clothes; and the impending release of "Enter the Dragon" kept him from sleeping and eating."

New Bruce Lee bio debunks myths about martial arts icon - CNN

At first, I tried to check it up in dictionaries, but to no avail. Then it occurred to me that this could be a typo. But I am not sure. Should "editing" be deleted? It is was like when the editor was editing this part, she/he was using this to mark where he or she needed to revisit.


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    It’s an editing room (a room where you do editing work) that is hot.

    It’s not a [hot editing] room; it’s a hot [editing room].
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