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Hi Group,

In my opinion this is a tricky question to ask, because the word hot has different meanings. A product/price can be hot means "popular". He's/She's hot means "good-looking, fine-looking, sexy, attractive, handsome", etc. But hottie what does it mean? I personally don't understand a word of it, when you say it? Can someone please help me out on this matter.

If I am missing more meanings for hot, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,
  • DeMaty

    US English
    A hottie is a person who is hot. (sexy, good looking)

    We also use hot to mean spicy.

    I really like hot food.
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    You are right. "Hot" can refer to a song, clothing, or product. In that context, the item is popular, and is bought, or listened to often.

    "Hot" can also refer to a person.
    "That girl is really hot."

    A "hottie" refers to that person.
    "That girl is a hottie."

    "Hot" can also be sexual in nature. It can refer to arousing sexual desire.
    "He makes me hot."
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