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Is ' enjoy hot spring bath' an idiomatic expression?

ex) While I was enjoying hot spring bath on a natural outside hot spring, I found a bear looking at me.
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    Hello monkeyaug and welcome to the forum.

    "To enjoy a hot spring bath" sounds quite natural. Meaning of course, to get into the water of a hot spring and relax.

    But to say that you found a bear looking at you sounds strange. You saw or came across a bear. You might say I found that a bear was looking at me, but noticed a bear sounds much better.
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    It's quite full of redundancy for me especially when you go on to repeat it. I'm not sure I'd call it a hot spring if it were unnatural and they are usually outdoors so I would specifiy "indoor hot spring" but not "outdoor hot spring".
    While I was enjoying a bath in a hot spring, I noticed a bear was looking at me.


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    Just to clarify : in Japan and, I presume Korea also, hot springs (natural is indeed redundant) are commonly used as the supplies for "baths" - these "baths" can be placed inside or outside of a building. Some hot springs are untouched and do not have "baths" built into them. In some contexts, therefore, there is a need to distinguish between a (natural, undisturbed) hot spring and an outside hot spring bath.