hot, warm, cold (children's game)


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I know the Spanish words for hot, warm and cold. What I am looking for is the name in Spanish (and the terms used) of the Children´s game where an object is hidden by a parent. The child looks for the object and is told "warm" etc as he or she gets closer to it.

  • Hola spodulike:
    Al menos en México, D.F. para el juego que mencionas o también cuando alguien está tratando de adivinar algo, se usa simplemente: "frío, tibio y caliente".
    A ver qué opinan los demás.
    ¡Buena suerte! :)
    Hi to you all! I've always used those words with the so popular game "veo veo" (I think that in English it is the "I spy" or somethng similar) adn then when the person tries to guess is when those words come up.
    It's just my experience!
    Hope it helps!
    In English for some reason the game is called "huckle buckle beanstalk"

    I've never heard of 'huckle buckle beanstalk'! Is this an AE expression?
    In my childhood days we called it 'Hunt the thimble' even if the item hidden was not a thimble :)
    hmmmm......Wikipedia confirms that Huckle Buckle Beanstalk is the traditional name for this game. As a lifelong AE speaker, I have never heard it called this though. I think it is probably a difference of generational terminology rather than a difference of British English versus American English.