'house' in the address:


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While translating the text about materials combustibility testing procedures I've encoutered the word in the address which I met many times before but could not clearly understand what it means in fact:

Sinelaire Fabrics Ltd
Show Cross House
Show Cross Business Park
West Yorkshir

What is HOUSE here? Is it some kind of compound and can this be translated roughtly as a building, or it has other meaning in reality?
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    Many business buildings in the U.K. are named "XXX House." For example, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is at Broadcasting House; also this link. They usually have another address in addition, often a street address if they're in a city (Broadcasting House is on Portland Place, London), but "XXX House" is used as part of their address. Since that name is usually on the front of the building in large letters, it helps people confirm that they have arrived at the right place.


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    "Bush House" used to be, I believe, the HQ of the BBC, or at least they used to give that as their address on the radio.

    This is a mostly British usage. In American English, the WHITE HOUSE is just about the only place this usage is found.
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