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Bonjour tout le monde.
Comment dire "Housekeeping" an francais?Mon francais n'est pas très bien mais j'essaie de ecrire en francais.
I mean Housekeeping in Hospitality field.I saw that some French use Housekeeping too.Is it right`?
Merci en advance!
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  • camomille

    France - French
    Que pensez-vous de "tâches ménagères" quand il s'agit de la maison et "entretient" sinon?

    (entretient convient également pour la maison)

    On parle également du métier d'Agent d'entretient (c'est la personne qui est chargée du ménage)

    J'espère que ça vous aide!


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    France Paris
    Pour les hopitaux, on utilise aussi "agent d'entretien sanitaire"
    Sinon il y a "technicien de surface", "responsable de la maintenance".


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    In a lot of conference/meeting agendas, they have a "housekeeping" item at the start which is where the conference/meeting host tells attendees useful information, such as where the toilets and fire escapes are and what time coffee breaks are and where they can get coffees, as well as rules for the day such as "mobile phones should be switched off".

    I suspect that this may be what Brand New Day may have been referring to originally.

    How would you express "Housekeeping" in this context in French?

    My thought is that it might just be something like "Informations utiles" or "Accueil et informations utiles"

    What do others think?


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    France French
    Pour les hopitaux, on utilise aussi "agent d'entretien sanitaire"
    Sinon il y a "technicien de surface", "responsable de la maintenance".

    Dans les hôpitaux français, les personnes chargées de ces tâches sont les aide soignants.


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    dans le secteur de l'hôtellerie, ce serait les femmes et valets de chambre (ou plus politiquement correct ;-) les employé-e-s, le personnel d'étage

    Uncle Bob

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    "Housekeeping" is used either literally for cleaning etc in houses or figuratively as described by Malcius in #7 or as in "housekeeping genes" and these figurative uses are intended to be both descriptive and colourful.
    As far as I know it is not used for hospitals or hotels* (or even police stations:)).

    *I mean hotels that are bigger than a largish house.
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