houses scattered here and there


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Hi friends,

Does "houses scattered here and there" mean there are many houses or not many, or it depends on the context?

Could you share your ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • Catherinezhao

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    Thanks suzi br. I saw these sentences in the link below:

    God's chosen people are scattered here and there. There are many of them in this assembly of whom we know nothing, but God knows them.

    The Man with the Measuring Line - Spurgeon Gems

    What do you think of this context? It seems here it means God's chosen people are many, right?

    suzi br

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    Not really.
    Being scattered means being spread out, in the way you throw seeds across the earth. Here and there just mean in different places, maybe unexpected places.

    “There are many” is a new point. To paraphrase that bit: “there are some chosen folk but only God knows who they are. We don’t know them.”
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