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  1. Hello,
    Does the word "housewife" carry a pejorative meaning without context?
  2. ewie

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    Hello Majlo. It depends who you say it to.
  3. It's said to a woman. :) And I mean it in general. I know some women might be offended by it and some not, but purely from a linguistic point of view: is this word negative?
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  4. Loob

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    English UK

    Then the answer's "Yes".

    Or "No".

    Or possibly "Possibly".

    EDIT: I wrote this when your post stood at "It's said to a woman. :)". But actually I still don't know how to answer your question. The word doesn't itself have offensive overtones like, say, "bitch". But it could certainly be intended to offend in certain situations.

    I think you're going to have to tell us why you're asking;)
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  5. Am I supposed to think that the word is neutral?
  6. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

    I totally agree.


    EDIT: The word itself is neutral.
  7. Thank you. That's what I was trying to find out. :)
  8. Loob

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    And now will you tell us why you're asking, majlo?

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