how can i pronounce this consonent?

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i know a little korean
all consonents and vowels
my reading is not that good, but i can get by

my question is:
the consonent hieut
this letter pronounce as h
하 ha
but this letter has different pronounciation when it comes at the bottom of the word, what is it?

i don't have a korean letters keyboard in my labtop otherwise i would write the word
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  • littlemonyou

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    Do you mean like the case of "않" as in "않다(be not, do not)", for example?

    Well, in Korean language some words are different between when it's pronounced and when it's written. In this case, the "ㅎ" at the bottem as in "않" makes change in the pronunciation of "다" to "타". So when you pronounce the word "않다", the written form, it's pronounced as "안타". But I wouldn't say it's really "difference" between written form and when it's spoken, as a native speaker. So it's not like you have to memorize or something. Mostly it's for the efficiency of the pronunciation and ease, so all you have to do is just to sound Korean naturally, if you can.
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