How can I stop nasalization of vowels?


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I've been told that in certain positions, for example, нам, мама, итп, the vowel sound comes too much from my nose.

As far as I can tell, Russian doesn't have any (strong) nasal vowels.

Does anyone have suggestions for ways I can stop nasalizing vowels?

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    The first thing that comes to my mind is try blocking your nose. Obviously, you can't nasalize your vowels when your nose is blocked.

    Alternatively, if walking around with a nose clip is too much for you, you can consult a speech therapist.


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    ... suggestions for ways I can stop nasalizing vowels?
    I always believe that in cases like yours a proper tongue twister would do the job:

    Везёт Сенька с Санькой Соньку на санках.

    You can try to find an audio or a video with this or similar tongue twister recorded by a native and pronounced in a clear voice; then you could alternate listening and saying it out loud.

    You may also find useful the reverse-resonance method by Nikolai Zamyatkin (see the thread in his forum The place where course books fear to tread, especially some details of that technique posted by : Пушистая няшечка » 10 дек 2009, 16:47).
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