How can I tell <her> about you


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Hello everyone, have anyone ever heard Lobo's song "How can I tell her" right? I have a little question is the sentence "How can i tell her about you!" This sentence "her" is? a friend, a wife, a lover .... ~~
  • VicNicSor

    I think "her/she" is the girl he's been dating but whom he doesn't love anymore. And "you" is the girl he's in love with now.


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    "Her" is his wife/partner.
    "You" is his lover.

    "How can I tell her about you."
    [How can I tell my wife/partner about you (my lover).]

    The song is basically saying that he can talk to his wife/partner about anything and everything, but he is struggling with how he is going to tell her that he has a lover.
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