How can I write "repellance"?

Hi! I'm working on a scientific paper and would like to write the sentence:

" This can be expected to compromise encapsulation efficiency because of mutual electrostatic repellance"

My problem is that apparently no such word exists. I hope you are able to see what kind of word I'm looking for. It should signify the property of two bodies of opposite charge to repel each other. Can anyone provide me with a proper substitute?

Thanks in advance!
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    The OED has repellency, Andreas, which it defines as
    The quality of being repellent; repelling power.
    But I've no idea if that's the correct technical term for what you're talking about, as I don't know what you're talking about.
    It's not really supposed to be a technical term... Merely what you'd say about two positive poles on magnets, for example. "They have mutual repellency" :) If that works (even if it might sound a bit posh) then that's the word I'm looking for... To me it seems right, so I guess I'll use it... Thanks!


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    Both 'repellence' (with an 'e') and 'repellency' are in my ordinary Collins dictionary. Could 'resistance' also be appropriate here?
    My Word 2007 did have "repellence" but it threw me off that the wordreference dictionary didn't, so I suspected that I might have added it myself... :) Do you have an opinion on what sounds better? Repellence or repellency? Or are both words equally weird? :) Resistance is not appropriate...
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