How can I write the Turkish letters on my English keyboard?

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by Pitt, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Pitt Senior Member


    I'd like to know if can I write the turkish letters ğ, ş, ç, ı on my english keyboard with the combinatıon: ALT + number

  2. dudasd

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    You can make shortcuts yourself. Open a Word document. Choose "Insert", "Symbol" and then any of the fonts that have international set of characters (like Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma etc.). Choose the letter you want to create a shortcut for. Click "Shortcut Key" (down left). In the "Press new shortcut key" field type the combination you want, but before you confirm it, check if it's assigned to some other function. (It will inform you if the combination is "assigned" or "unassigned".) You can use ALT+something, but those functions are already assigned mostly, so I prefer CTRL+something (for example, my ç is CTRL+,+c – easy to remember because it's like adding a small comma under "c" letter).

    Hope I helped.
  3. Binapesi

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    Press "Alt" button and write any of those numbers for any letter keeping pressed on "Alt" ..
    Are you planning to memorize them :)

    Â - 0194
    â - 0226

    Ç - 0199
    ç - 0231

    Ğ - 0208
    ğ - 0240

    İ - 0221
    ı -

    Î - 0206
    î - 0238

    Ö - 0214
    ö - 0246

    Ş - 0222
    ş - 0254

    Ü - 0220
    ü - 0252

    I couldn't find the lowercase i - dotless, sorry.
    And this site might come in handy. You write the Turkish text with non-Turkish alphabet letters and it deasciifies them.
    Very good word it does, I tried :)
    Hope it helps ..
  4. Pitt Senior Member

    On my german keyboard the combination ALT + number only does work with the letter ç, but not with the other letters.
    In any case it does work with the turkish keyboard.

    Many thanks for your help! :)
  5. ta®antino Member

    turkish, english
    or you can copy and paste, if you dont want to do that alt bla bla stuff, just copy and paste the letters above to a word pad etc. and then copy paste the letters whenever you gonna need them
  6. avok

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  7. Nilcan New Member

    you can use this website for the texts in Turkish,
    well, it helped me a lot when i had to work with a different keyboard, stupid mistakes may occur yet still it is quite useful
    PS: I am not allowed to post the URL but you can search the website as "Turkish text deasciifier"
  8. huso Member

    You can write âşçğüıöûî ÂŞÇĞÜİÖÛÎ Turkish letters by using the 'Alt Gr' key without changing keyboard with the free program offered by

    This program is just an extension of keyboard, it doesn't affect the other keys.
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  9. Singasong12 New Member

    The i with no dot alt code is Alt+213 :) Enjoy.
  10. dawar

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    french(France); turkish(Turkey)

    Here you can write faster your text by adding a = after the letter you want. For example for ö you type o= and for ğ you type g=.
    It is quiet fast once you are used to it.
  11. GNK Member


    Bei mir (german keyboard) hat funktioniert:

    Â Alt [gedrückt] 0194 [Zahlenblock]
    â Alt [gedrückt] 0226 [Zahlenblock]

    Î Alt [gedrückt] 0206 [Zahlenblock]
    î Alt [gedrückt] 0238 [Zahlenblock]

    Ç Alt [gedrückt] 0199 [Zahlenblock]
    ç Alt [gedrückt] 0231 [Zahlenblock]

    Ş Alt [gedrückt] 0350 [Zahlenblock]
    ş Alt [gedrückt] 0351 [Zahlenblock]

    yumusak g:
    Ğ Alt [gedrückt] 0286 [Zahlenblock]
    ğ Alt [gedrückt] 0287 [Zahlenblock]

    İ / i (mit Punkt):
    İ Alt [gedrückt] 0304 [Zahlenblock]
    i Normales kleines i

    I ı (ohne Punkt):
    I Normales großes I
    ı Alt [gedrückt] 0305 [Zahlenblock]
    ı Alt [gedrückt] 213 [Zahlenblock (nicht 0213)]

    I hope it helps
  12. snoopymanatee

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  13. salichomg New Member

    If you're looking for a temporary solution you can use this one
    Write the letters w/o using the special Turkish characters and this site will add the special characters for you for example

    If you write it like "Kis masali" this site will make it "Kış Masalı"
  14. murattug Senior Member

    letter  ı = Alt+141

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