how can you stop the rain from falling down

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    Can anyone help me with the following questions "How can you stop the rain from falling down?" and "How can you stop the sun from shining?".

    I don't understand the meaning to " the rain from falling down" and "the sun from shining".

    how should I translate the word "from" ??
  2. Quique Alfaro

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    ¿Acaso alguien podría detener la caída de la lluvia? ¿O impedir que brille el sol?
  3. Biffo Senior Member

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    In this case 'stop' is being used in the sense of 'prevent'.

    The verb 'to prevent' normally takes 'from', e.g.

    The teacher prevented the student from running in the corridor.

    I was prevented from entering the building.

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