How come I get to hear people say

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Hindi (West Uttar Pradesh)
Hi all,
I was looking for some thread on 'understand someone' and I came across this one. But I stuck on its very first line :
'I've been wondering how come I get to hear people say' .

Since it's written by a native speaker of English, I can't question its being idiomatic.

But i don't understand the meaning and especially role of 'how come', because how come makes this sentence an indirect question, whereas the thread opener asks a different question in the third sentence.
So please clear up the meaning of the sentence.

I'll be highly obliged. Thank you very much.
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    How come = Why, for what reason. Literally, it's a shortened version of "How does it come about that...?"

    I get to hear people say is a clumsy way of saying I (sometimes) hear people say. Don't imitate this.
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