How did you (first) meet each other?


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Let's say you are talking to a couple of friends, or a married couple, etc. How would you ask the question "How did you (first) meet each other?" in Chinese? Would it be "你们是怎么认识(的?了?)"? (Feel free to propose something completely different!)

  • SimonTsai

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    Your sentence will be perfectly natural with 的 at the end and without the particle 了.


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    I understand 你们是么认识的?, but I am tempted to write 你们是么认识的? instead. I don't know why. Is that totally wrong?


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    Though, in this context of 怎么认识, even Cantonese speakers would use 怎么 since, as you probably know, we would use the Cantonese equivalent 点, not 咩.
    Yes. I didn't make it clear.
    Speaking of using 什麼 instead of 怎麼, it seems that only 什麼回事 is common in Hong Kong.