(...) how different these Globes felt."

la caixa

Poland, Polish
"Most of them flubbed their big moment, either by gushing about how they never believed they'd be handing out a Golden Globe or marveling at how different these Globes felt."

What do they mean by saying "how different these Globes felt"?
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    Here's the context, ewie;)

    It looks, la caixa, as though the presenters were drawing attention to how different the 'Globes event' felt because of the lack of celebrities.


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    Maybe it's just me* but I'm afraid I don't understand this one either, La Caixa. Who are they?
    "The blonde and bland anchors" from second rate shows who were the only ones they could get to give out the awards as everyone else boycotted the Globes presentation this year because of the writers´strike.
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