How do I format a business letter in Korean?

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English - USA
I just need to know the opening and closing parts, like what's shown below. Any help from people experienced in Korean would be appreciated =)

Dear Name



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    the opening

    the Name +귀하
    It' a lot better to call the name with their postion if it is for business.

    '홍길동 부장님 귀하,' / '김갑돌 사장님 귀하,'

    If you don't know their postion,you could use '씨' or '님'

    '홍길동 귀하/'홍길동 귀하 (님 sounds better to me.)

    For the ending, I think in Korean culture there is not a fixed format equvalent to Sincerely in Einglish.
    I would say 감사합니다. / 그럼 빠른 회신 기다리겠습니다./ 잘 부탁드립니다. etc
    I think it depends on the context of your letter. But It is better you don't use '수고하세요.', which is usually used by the elderly to the younger.

    Name : 홍길동 올림 / 김대리 올림
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