How Do i say in letters "I LOVE YOU" In Greek??

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by minimouse9, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. minimouse9 New Member

    Hi, I have a boyfriend thats greek and i want to impress him by saying "I LOVE YOU!" In Greek, I would Love it, if you could tell me how. :)
  2. elineo

    elineo Senior Member

    Σ' ΑΓΑΠΑΩ! or σ' αγαπάω! (s´agapao) ¨"g" pronounced like "y" in "yea"
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  3. minimouse9 New Member

    I Cant Read That, LOL! How Do i say it In Letters? Like "ghswvbwsd jf'???? :confused:
  4. minimouse9 New Member

    So like Sahyepo? I want to make it perfect!
  5. elineo

    elineo Senior Member

    You are close.... sahyapo the "a" like in "that" no "e"
  6. minimouse9 New Member

    Ok got it! One more thing, Do i say it FAST or SLOW? =)
  7. elliest_5 Senior Member

    Oh no, don't say "sahyapo" that's gonna sound funny! I suggest you watch that extract of a very famous old greek movie - the girl keeps repeating it - and practice with that ;)
    the phonological writing of the phrase is [saγa-'po] (you stress the last syllable and you pronounce "γ" like this : (there's no matching sound in english)
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  8. shawnee

    shawnee Senior Member

    English - Australian
    You might also like to investigate the umpteen threads on the subject already discussed here by entering 'I love you' in the WR dictionary window above. But you won't find better than elliest 5's youtube link!
  9. an-alfabeto

    an-alfabeto Senior Member

    Greek - GR
    Excellent link, elliest_5! I'm gonna practice too!
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