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    Just reading this article about how Islamic scholars know the Bible more than Jews and in there are like Foreign/Arabic words in the article like for example

    כידוע, שרה הייתה עקרה וכאשר נואשה מפרי בטן, נתנה את שפחתה הגר לאברהם וזו ילדה לו את ישמעאל. כשישמעאל היה בן 13 נולד יצחק ואז פקדה שרה על אברהם לגרש את הגר וישמעאל. לפי הגרסא המוסלמית של הסיפור, הגר וישמעאל הלכו במדבר והגיעו למכה. אברהם שהתגעגע מאוד לבנו הלך לבקר אותו, ובאחד מהביקורים האלו יסד יחד איתו את הכעבה שבמכה כבית תפילה לאל האחד. אברהם היה המונותיאיסט הראשון והערבים הם צאצאיו מבנו ישמעאל.

    Article taken from here

    Okay the words i put in bold here
    הכעבה שבמכה which basically says the Kaba In Mecca/Makka

    The question is how would an Israeli who has no familiarity with Islam or Islamic terms that Muslims would work out the words הכעבה שבמכה means the Kaba in Mecca just wondering i only worked it out due to my familiarity with Islam
  2. bazq Senior Member

    I don't think I understand the question.
    Are you asking how do Israelis know about the Kaaba in Mecca in general? as in how do we know it exists and what it is?

    If so, well then 20% of Israel's population is Arab (of which most are Muslims), there are sometimes pieces on the news about the Kaaba (mainly around the Hajj). Plus, we know a little bit about it since in elementary school we learn about the Bedouins, and about Islam in history and society lessons. Arabic is also mandatory for at least a few years (later on you can choose a different third language or, if you are really having difficulties with Arabic, you can take oriental studies instead.)

    I hope I got your question right... sounded kind of odd since even if we didn't learn about it at school, the Kaaba is still quite famous IMO so you are bound to encounter it at some point I guess :).
  3. origumi Senior Member

    Islamic scholars know the Islamic version better than Jews I guess, not the original Hebrew version.

    As bazq explained, the city of Mecca for sure and also the sacred Kaba "cube" are part of most Israelis' general knowledge.

    Foreign words, specifically names, are common in Hebrew texts and especially when discussing foreign issues, so the Hebrew speaker expects to see them.

    If you're asking how the Hebrew brain can interpret the expression הכעבה שבמכה, then the first word cannot be anything Hebrew so we seek for a foreign meaning. The second word can be Hebrew and yet the context was already set by the first word and gave a strong clue about the correct interpretation of the second.
  4. GBT222 New Member

    Israelis are familiar with islam, they learn about makka in elementary school, and about many more "Islamic habbits".

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