how do we call "two cards of the same rank"?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by longxianchen, May 6, 2013.

  1. longxianchen Senior Member

    During playing cards, how do we call "two cards of the same rank"? For example: two fives of spades. Can we just call it " a pair of fives" if the suit is not important? If the suit spade is important, can we only say"two fives of spades"?
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  2. Myridon

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    "Two fives" would be the most generic. It somewhat depends on the game you're playing - "a pair" isn't used in all games. Most games are played with only one deck so you won't have two fives in the same suit.
  3. cyberpedant

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    I suppose you can, but it's uncommon in American card games to have two cards of precisely the same suit and rank—Pinochle and Canasta being two exceptions.
  4. longxianchen Senior Member

    Here we mainly use two decks of cards. So it's common here. :p
  5. longxianchen Senior Member

    Thank you. If someday you come to China, maybe I can play the Chinese game (fight the landlord ) with you.
  6. mr cat Senior Member

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    can we only say "two fives of spades''?

    I personally would say 'two (or a pair of) five of spades' (without the 's' on five).
  7. PaulQ

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    I think that grammatically we can only say "two fives of spades" but card players, when playing, are not that interested in grammar and I know I have said, 'two (or a pair of) five of spades."

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