how do you address someone you like in Polish

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  1. Whatzup New Member

    Ok so I know this man his name is Pawel
    hould I write 'Drogi Pan Pawel' in a letter or do I need to change it to 'Drogi Panie Pawle' whats the difference between Pan i Panie?

    help anyone? thanks in advance I guess
    Help anyone?:(
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  2. wolfbm1

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    'Drogi Panie Pawle' is correct. You need the vocative case here.
    Drogi Panie Pawle, Uważam, że Pana wpisy ...
    Z Bogiem, drogi Panie Pawle.
    Drogi Panie Pawle, BANKIERZE - a ja panu radzę nie bredzić,

    'Drogi Pan Paweł' is the nominative.
    Drogi pan Paweł ma głos bardzo oryginalny ...
    Drogi Pan Paweł Wegner nie ma pojęcia o śpiewaniu ...

    Wikipedia says that "
    vocative expressions are not related syntactically to other words in sentences."
    So "I don't know, John" is "Nie wiem, Janie." (The vocative case.)
    "I don't know John," is "Nie znam Jana." (The genitive case.)

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  3. kokosz1975 Member


    What's up, Whatzup:)?

    How well do you know him ? What kind of letter is it?

    It is essential that we know this info before we can provide you with a viable answer to your question.


    Ps. Whatzup, please, use the correct punctuation. I'm still learning English and your post hasn't helped me much.;)
  4. dreamlike

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    If it's a formal letter and you begin it with 'Drogi Panie Pawle' then indeed it may suggest that you get on well with each other, because normally I'd rather expect 'Szanowny Panie Pawle'.

    Anyway, as Kokosz has rightly noticed, we have to little information to help you.

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