How do you do? : Do you still use the expression?

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Hello, Teachers,
Good morning! How do you do?

Do you native speakers still use the expression "How do you do?" in your day-to-day speech? I think it is very old fashioned and is not really used much.
Please enlighten me.

Thank you very much.
  • Florentia52

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    That's what I say when I meet someone in a business or professional setting. It doesn't sound out of date to me.


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    I consider "How do you do?" outdated in American English, sorry to say.

    This is just my perspective.

    (48 years old---moi.)


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    Around here - Idaho and the Northwestern U.S., the expression is, "How are you?" Yes. It is used a lot. No one expects a really true answer and no one gives a really true answer. It is sometimes used as an euphemistic phrase, more often as a metaphoric phrase. It may be "outdated," (I think so) but it is very popular.


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    Please notice that Greyfriar and Florentia are talking about 'How do you do?' in response to an introduction. The first thread linked-to above includes a discussion of this situation.

    What you say then is likely to be different from what you might say when you encounter a friend or acquaintance, which is discussed in both threads.

    The word 'meet' is ambiguous in English, since it can refer to either situation.

    I am closing this thread. Further comments or questions may be added to the linked threads above.

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