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A co-worker asked me that a native of English language has asked him this question: "How do you do in your life?"
I told my peer that I've never heard it this way. All I know is, "How do you do?" simply means "how are you?" when you meet someone for the first time. And "what do you do?" means what's your job?

So, he wants to make sure if this phrase is first, correct, and, second is it common in American or any other type of English?

Thank you.
  • xxloverxx

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    ‘How do you do in your life?’ just sounds like a rather long and confusing way of saying “How do you do?”, because “How do you do?” is already asking about one's life.

    The “in your life” part also isn't very helpful — you wouldn't ask someone how they're doing in another person's life, because the life you have is yours and not theirs…if that makes sense…

    I've never heard it before. Can't be too common.
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