"How do you like" - what it means?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by prankstare, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. prankstare Senior Member

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    "How do you like bananas?", for example.

    I would like to know what precisely does the questioner mean by asking that kind of question and in which situations should I be using such form instead of plain "Do you like bananas?", for instance.
  2. Curious about Language Senior Member

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    Hello Prankstare,
    "How do you like XX?" is a little more casual and friendly than "Do you like XX?" It has a feeling also of being more tentative and unsure.

    By the way, you should say "What does it mean?", not "What it means?"
  3. prankstare Senior Member

    São Paulo
    Portuguese - Brazil

    Thanks Curious! :)

    Oops, a little slip again. Hehe.
  4. ywf Senior Member

    I was taught in school that "How do you like something" is pretty much the same as "What about something".
  5. GreenWhiteBlue

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    "How do you like X" can be used in different ways.
    If I said "How do you like the opera Tosca?", the question would mean "What is your opinion of the opera Tosca?"
    If, before I cooked it, I said "How do you like your steak?", I would be asking "To what degree of doneness shall I cook your steak? Do you want it red and bloody, or cooked so long that there is no juice left in it and it is black outside, or something in between?"
    If, after I served it, I said "How do you like your steak?", the question would mean "Is this prepared to your satisfaction?"
    If I was surprised by a piece of information, and said "How do you like that?", the question would be a rhetorical one that meant "I consider this a surprising or unexpected thing."

    With bananas as the object of the question, I assume this means "Do you like eating bananas, or do you prefer another type of fruit?"
  6. KDH Senior Member

    Green's explanation is superb! Thank you so much
  7. AntiScam

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    Amazing, GreenWhiteBlue! Thank you.

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