How do you pronounce å?


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Hello, I am confused about this letter for the Nordic languages such as Bokmål, Swedish, and Danish. I understand the other letters like ä, ö, and the others, but this one is confusing me. Can someone explain with an English equivalent? (Ex. å is pronounced like the letter in the word .)
  • Ben Jamin

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    It is pronounced (roughly) like "aw" in "thaw". It may be short or long, and more or less closed (with varying degree of lips rounding), depending on the dialect.

    Swedish Anna

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    I agree with Ben Jamin.
    Here are two examples:
    The Swedish word ål ("eel") is pronounced roughly like the English word all - a long å-sound
    The Swedish word t (något= "something") is pronounced roughly like the English word not - a short å-sound
    NB: I'm talking about British English pronunciation here!
    So the letter å may look unfamiliar but the sound can be found in English.


    It could be different in other languages, but in Danish, it makes some various sounds. As said before, a in all fits in many case. Another sound like in the word "å" (stream, river ~) sounds like the o in "oh" only a but further back in the mouth.

    Hope this helps :)