how does it ...?/how it...?

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I was thinking whether both are correct:

How does it relate to...?
How it relates to...?

I need to put a question of this sort in a tytle of an article and here I am in trouble again...

thank you in advance for saving me from doubts :)
  • Inara

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    If you are forming a question you need to have "does" in there.
    yea, that is according to grammer rules, but normally, isn't the second option acceptable as well? because as I put the sentence in a tytle, it is not really a question, it is a sort of "classification", something that I want to describe bellow, that may have diferent degrees of relation to another thing...


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    Hi Inara,

    I am assuming you are talking about some sort of sub-title here.

    Let's assume World Peace is the main title of your article. Your subtitles have two possiblities.

    World Peace: How Does It Relate to XXXXXX?

    In this case you are showing the reader that you will pose this question within the context of the article. You may or may not answer the question in its entirety.

    World Peace: How it Relates to xxxxxxxxx.

    In this case, you are stating with your title that you are making an emphatic statement on the subject, based upon your research.

    You cannot ask the question without "does?"


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    Ok, I got it.
    It is not a question actually, I talk about technologies and I classify them acording to what relation they have with the construction process. So, in this case it would be correct to say: How they (technologies) relate to the construction. And I don't need "do", neither a question mark, do I?


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    Your word order depends on the sentence you want to write. If you intend it as a title of a presentation or a paper, then you should use the affirmative: "How Technology Relates to Construction."

    However, if you want to ask a question, you should use the interrogative structure "How does this technology relate to construction?"



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    Here are some options:

    How technologies relate to construction (general)
    How technologies relate to the construction of xxxx

    Technology: How it relates to the construction of xxx.
    Technology: How does it relate to the construction of xxx?


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    :) Thanx for helping with articles as well!

    So, to summarize, speaking in general terms and not asking, but stating, I have these two options:

    How technologies relate to construction
    How Technology Relates to Construction

    Both are allright, no?
    Thanks a lot!
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