How good she is!

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    Ahlan. I wonder if نعم/حسن/حبذا can be used for praise and بئس/ساء/لا حبذا can be used to scold at smth not in general, but due to topic thing's particular quailty.

    E.g. is a sentence "how good Bushra is!" (تحسن بشرى). Can i clarify the quality by prepositional constructions? E.g.:

    تحسن بشرى في ذكائها - "how intelligent Bushra is!" - would it work?

    What prepositions are useable? عن، في، على, ب?

    What if a noun is put into accusative with no preposition at all? تحسن بشرى ذكاءها

    Is it OK to use ك?

    "How good Bushra is as an intelligent person!" (تحسن بشرى كالذكية) or it should be accusative without preposition? Note: i'm talking about grammatical point of view only (i could use like "How good Bushra is as a teacher!", i used the attribute of IQ for uniformity with prev. examples, so sorry if it sounds strange).

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    None of your examples work.

    How good Bushra is! =

    ما أحْسَنَ بشرى!
    يا لَحُسْنِ بشرى!
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    If you want to say "how smart she is", than you can say ما أذكى بُشرى.
    If you really need to use نِعْم, then you use the verb أَنْعِم بِبُشرى ذكاءً though this form is rather archaic. And the other form, also old: أَحْسِن بِبُشرى ذكية/ذكاءً (I'm not 100% sure about the last word).
    I agree with your first example, but this one means how beautiful she is (7usn=beauty).
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    I thought of that while I was posting, but then I thought if أحسن = "better", maybe حُسن can be used to mean "goodness." We also have حَسَنًا = "okay" (i.e. "good"), حسنات وسيئات ("virtues and vices," i.e. "good things and bad things), حَسُنَ الشيء في عينيّ أو استحسنتُ الشيء ("I considered it good"), etc.

    If حُسن can only mean "beauty," then it must be an exception.
  5. cherine

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    I hope someone can confirm or correct this, but as far as I know, 7usn in such a structure can only be understood as beauty.
    But in other contexts it does mean well or goodness (for example: حُسْن الخُلُق vs. سوء الخُلُق).
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    I don't think this is accurate. I recall reading a Hadith once about the prophet seeing something good some people were doing and he commented saying "ما أحسن هذا", implying that it was used since that time to mean 'good' not only beautiful.

    If you mean specifically the expression: يا لحسن بشرى, then I frankly don't know.
  7. cherine

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    Yes, Maha, I was talking about يا لَحُسن because as far as I know, saying حُسن in this context can only refer to beauty, while حُسن in other contexts or structures, like حُسن الخُلق، حُسن المعاملة... means good or well.
    But there's no disagreement at all that ما أحسن means "how good".

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