How hard is it to cash a lottery ticket?


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What exactly does "How hard is it to cash a lottery ticket" mean in the following New York Times article?

Mr. Romney’s loyalists give Mr. Obama’s campaign grudging credit for seizing on Mr. Romney’s vulnerabilities and mishaps. “But how hard is it to cash a lottery ticket?” said Mr. Murphy, a former adviser to Mr. Romney who is not involved in this campaign. He added that Mr. Obama had benefited from a complicit news media that loves to point out Mr. Romney’s perceived screw-ups. This in turn makes the Romney campaign — and candidate — overly self-conscious, prompting more gaffes.
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    In fact it is extremely easy to cash a lottery ticket. The context is that President Obama has publicised Mr Romney's errors and has benefited from this. But, says Mr. Murphy, "This is easy to do [because the media are on the President's side also.]"


    The information President Obama's campaign had used was not something they found out about Mitt Romney by themselves, by something they got from the media which love to criticize Mitt Romney, just like a winning lottery ticket, something given almost for free. Information won not acquired with some work and effort.
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