How have you done

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A context: I told my mom that I went to a friend to make a task on her computer and she said "How have you done?"
Please tell me what "How have you done" means.

How did you do it?
What did you have to do?
Did you succeed?
Something else?
  • cfu507

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    I'm more familiar with "How did you do [on that test]?"
    Thanks Trisia, that's what a Canadian friend told me and "how have you done?”, sounded wrong to her.
    However, this question was asked by an American woman, so I thought maybe it is not an error in AE. I didn’t understand her question and when I said “do you mean what did I do?”, she answered “a kind of”, but I wasn’t sure that it is really a kind of “what did I do”.

    Is "how have you done” common in AE?
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