How heavily it rained this early morning!


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How heavily it rained this early morning!

I read this sentence in an exercise book. I wonder if we should say ‘early this morning’ instead of ‘this early morning’.

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    The sentence is not incorrect. Your alternative wording is more common in AE, but the meaning is slightly different.

    "This morning" means a time period of several hours (perhaps from 7 until noon).
    "This early morning" means a shorter period (perhaps from 5 to 7)
    "Early this morning" is one specific time, not a period of several hours.

    Early this morning, I started studying.:tick:
    I spent this morning studying.:tick:
    I spent this early morning studying.:tick:
    I spent early this morning studying.:cross:


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    "How heavily it rained this early morning!"

    To a Brit this sounds really weird. I hope your book didn't propose it as a correct sentence. You should say "early this morning". (Also, "this early morning" suggests to me that it is still early morning but the verb suggests that the morning is over).

    "How heavily it rained early this morning!" Correct, but it isn't something I would say. We don't usually employ such a dramatic tone when talking about the weather:).
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