How is "lute" pronounced?

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    Southern AE greatly modified by a 1st-generation Scottish-American mother, and growing up abroad.
    Either way. The first is more common in BE and Southern AE, and the second is more widespread in the AE population at large.

    The y-upglide into the /oo/ sound is less common after /l/, however, than other consonants because it's harder to say lyoot than, say dyooty.



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    "loot" and "lute" are pronounced differently by me. For me "loot" is in X-Sampa /l}t/ and "lute" is /lyt/ with the French "u" sound.


    so you have no distinction between /}/ and /y/ the French "u" sound? Would these words be homophones for you:

    moot, mute
    toon, tune
    Doo, due
    rood, rude

    For me, those are distinct. The first words having /}/ and the second having /y/.