How is your father?

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    Context: Your father was in the hospital for a week and was released 3 three days ago. You went to visit him the day of his release. I called you 3 days after the release to see to how he's doing.

    So what is the normal way of saying: How's your father (doing)? I think of only two:

    • X-さん、お父さんは元気ですか?
    • X-さん、どうはお父さんですか?
    Is there a better way to say that?
  2. eadoresu New Member

    When asking "how's someone" you can use (お)元気ですか? so,
    X-さん、お父さんは元気ですか? is OK.
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    So I guess my second sentence is wrong...? Or there's no other way to say it?
  4. Arui Kashiwagi Senior Member

    For your second sentence, its word order is wrong.
    You must say "お父さんはどうですか?", because どう(how) is not a subject.

    The other choices;
    Both 具合 and 調子 are generic words to mean a "condition". Although I personally feel 具合 is slightly more common when you're talking about someone's health, they're basically interchangeable.
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    If your relationship to the sun of the ailing father is a formal one, use お父様 or お父上 instead of お父さん.

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