how limited water supplies are

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    Otros ejemplos:

    People do not realise how bad conditions are (in Zimbabwe).
    Everyone can see how important energy saving is.

    'how limited are water supplies' is possible, but sounds unnecessarily pompous and formal.

    It is frightening to realise how limited are water supplies (in the Sahara). (It definitely doesn't sound right without some words after the phrase.)


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    do you have another exmple for that?

    and, it is right to say:
    how limited are water supplies.??

    No, it isn't right to say "how limited are water supplies" and the point has nothing to do with degrees of formality or informality.

    It's wrong to think of it as an inversion, such as you get in questions. Statements of this kind are not questions so there's no inversion.

    Other examples:

    How big you are!
    How clever she is!
    How rich they must be!
    How stupid he is!
    Just think how much work he must have done!
    Imagine what qualifications you would need!
    I didn't realise how little time there was!
    They dont appreciate how limited water supplies are!

    You don't have to end with and exclamation mark. I've put one because statements of this kind tend to have an exclamatory character.