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  1. delightfulbounty New Member

    Dear forum members,

    I have been studying Arabic for a while now, though I still have problems asking questions relating to periods of time spent doing something.

    Expressions like

    "How long have you been studying Arabic?"
    "How long have you lived in Kurdistan"
    "How long will the journey take"

    still evade me. If anyone could help me with this (in MSA/Levantine/Iraqi) I would be much obliged.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Cead Cascade Senior Member

    Some suggestions in MSA:

    "How long have you been studying Arabic?"
    منذ متى وأنت تدرس اللغة العربية؟

    "How long have you lived in Kurdistan"
    كم مضى على مكوثك (بقائك) في كردستان؟ or منذ متى وأنت تعيش في كردستان؟

    "How long will the journey take"
    ما المدة (كم المدة) التي ستسغرقها الرحلة؟
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    There's also a shorter way to state these questions but it is less commonly taught to beginners for some reason - probably because it's more advanced grammatically:
    كم لك تدرس العربية؟
    كم لك تقيم في كردستان؟
    كم ساعة تأخذ المسافة؟
  4. delightfulbounty New Member

    Thanks so much for your replies.

    If you say "...كم مضى على بقائك" in MSA, what is the root of مضى?

    And can the formulation using "كم لك" be used in dialect as well, or is it usually said in another way (at least in Levantine)?

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