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    I want to ask a group of children how many names for school subjects they can remember.
    My attempt: An wie viele Schulfächer könnt ihr euch erinnern?
    Doesn't sound right though...can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. berndf Moderator

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    I am afraid I have to disagree with you here.:)
  3. mdb Senior Member

    Manchester, UK.
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    Haha, ok thanks! That's good to know!
  4. Hutschi

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    Hi, I have a question, what exactly is a "school subject"?
    Is it the same as in German "Schulfach"/"Unterrichtsfach" or is it different?
    Schulfächer are groups of lessons with the same subject, for example Lesen, Schreiben, Zeichnen, Mathematik, Sport, Geographie, Physik, Astronomie (this is not a Schulfach anymore in Saxxony, however) and others.
    Astronomie was a Schulfach but is now part of a Schulfach. Is is a school subject in this case? I think so, but am not sure.
    I read the article but it does not make it clear.

    Usually you get a "Zensur" for each "Schulfach" at the end of a year.

    PS: During my time in school it was usually called "Unterrichtsfach" rather than "Schulfach".
    Did this change? Or are both equal? How about the style?
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  5. TheKingOfSpain Senior Member

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    Yes, a subject is a specific area of information/skill in school. I would say as you get more and more detailed (and into higher levels of education) the lines between "courses" and "subjects" blur. For example, the subjects I am personally taking right now are Math, Computer Science, German and Music. However, the courses I am taking are Calculus, Algebra, Popular Music History, German and Computer Science. So already there's some overlap as to what is a subject and what is a course. I would call Calculus and Algebra subjects as well, although Popular Music History sounds less like a "school subject" and more like a "course" within the broader subject of Art or Music. In general, the larger field or learning/study is the subject, and it may contain other subjects. i.e. Calculus within math. Courses can be taken within these fields, sometimes with the same name.

    I know this is a rather wishywashy paragraph that I've written, but hopefully some meaning gets across.

    Another thing to note is that it would be totally normal to ask a young child "What subjects do you have?" but that would sound weird to ask to a University student. A University Student could however discuss their "subjects" but in general it would have a slightly different meaning. This difference comes from the gradual specification of the material that students cover.

    Also this probably deserves a new thread.
  6. berndf Moderator

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    Same is true in Germany since the 1970s (in the West before reunification; not in the whole country). In the last 2 or 3 years grammar school (gymnasiale Oberstufe) you have Fächer in which you take Kurse.

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