How many cents are a penny?

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  1. Bobino New Member

    French canada
    I don't know how many cents vault a penny. In the page English-French that's saying " Penny " and the expression is saying 4 cents

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S.: It's normal to don't understand me i'm french ;)
  2. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    A penny is one cent. Si l'expression en français est, par ex., quat'sous et la traduction "a penny", c'est que le traducteur a peut-être choisi de traduire le sens, avec une expression plus naturelle en anglais, plutôt que la somme précise.
  3. Wagonmaker New Member

    Canada, Bilingual French + English
    Hello Bobino,
    A penny is one cent.
    I think usually "penny" means the actual metal piece that equals one cent, but it can be used to give a denomination too, it's just more colloquial and more rare.
    Hope that helps!
  4. Bobino New Member

    French canada
    Oh yeah thanks!
  5. Qcumber Senior Member

    UK English
    Is it actual money your are referring to or some expression?
    For instance, A penny for your thought. Has no real translation.
    People will say: Je voudrais bien savoir ce que tu penses.
    Now, if you want to give some English flavour to your translation, you may write something like: "Je te donne un sou si tu me dis ce que tu penses."
  6. radiodurans Senior Member

    Penny is also a female first name in English.

    As a last name there is the fictional Moneypenny. Miss Moneypenny is the only character aside from Bond to have appeared in every Bond film.

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