how many.....did he have/he had

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I am preparing a reading comprehension exercise but a doubt came out.

How many brothers and sisters did he have/he had?

What is the difference
Which one is correct, the one with did or the one with had

Thank you all!
  • jessnutt

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    In this case, it's always have. "to do" + [any verb] directly will always leave the verb in infinite form I think. You would never say "he did had." Neither would you say "he does has." It's always do+have. The conjugation of the word "do" will take care of the tense ("did have" - past; "does have" - present; "will have - future). So, for your question, you would say "he did have", or "did he have...?" in interrogative form.

    as for "brothers and sisters" vs. "siblings", either one works equally fine.
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