How many of them... ?

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  1. MarinaDubai Member

    combien d'entre euxContext: How many of them tell the police what has happened?
    Background: Translations

    Specific phrase "how many of them" is possibly "combien d'entre eux"
  2. Raffa.English

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    French - France
    'Combien d'entre eux' is correct.
  3. meepmeep Senior Member

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    Can I use combien d'entre eux for combien d'entre eux finiront par devenir une réalité as in:

    I have many plans, though I don't know how many of them will end up becoming realities.

  4. Nawaq Senior Member

    français (France)
    I think so, yes

    ...combien d'entre eux finiront par devenir réalité...

    (I wouldn't use "une" here, don't know why)

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