How many twins did you give birth to?


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I know that terms used for the number of offspring in a multiple birth are such as twins, triplets, quadruplets...
I want to know how can I ask someone how many twins has she given birth to?
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    Hi Aida,

    Unfortunately that is a meaningless question, or at least a redundant one. :) By definition, if a woman gives birth to twins, she is giving birth to two babies only.

    You could say, "how many times have you given birth to twins?" That would be on separate occasions.


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    You are right, I asked the question wrongly, I guess I should have said ' how to ask a woman how many children has she given to birth in her multiple birth'???


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    I can't imagine the situation which would result in this question.
    Woman: "I had a multiple birth."
    AidaGlass: "How many babies did you have."
    Woman: "Two."
    Real world:
    Woman: "I had twins."
    AidaGlass: "That's nice. Are they doing well?"


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    I'm not even sure what the question is, but if a woman has given birth to twins on more than one occasion you can ask her how many sets of twins she has had.

    I hear you had a multiple birth. Wow! How many babies survived? - Hmmm no, not really. It's a delicate question. I'd just let the new parents tell me - I expect they would be full of the news.


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    Imagine that a woman has given birth to quadruplets, but you don't know that that woman has given birth to quadruplets, you want to ask someone how many children were given birth to, the only thing you know is that she has given birth to more than one child, but you do not know how many.
    I can't make myself understood better, sorry:oops:
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