How much does a house with four bedrooms sell for

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    Let's say I want to buy a house and I ask about the price. Maybe the most simple question is

    What is the price of a house with four bedrooms? or How much does a house with a for bedrooms cost?

    But if I want to use the structure below; which of the sentences would be correct?

    1. How much does a house with four bedrooms sell for?
    2. How much is a house with four bedrooms sold for?
    3. What price should a house with four bedrooms be sold for?
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    House prices vary so much that "should" is quite inappropriate in this context, although the sentence would be fine if it were something else being sold.
    Sentence (1) is fine. I think sentence (2) only works for a bulk commodity: "How much is flour sold for?", but you could use a plural noun: "How much are houses with four bedrooms sold for?"
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    In the US we might say "What does a four-bedroom house typically go for?"
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    Oh! thanks for that. Is 'four-bedroom' and adjective in your sentence?, and why is it 'four-bedroom' and not 'four-bedrooms'?
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    It's an adjective, and we wouldn't use the plural (for that reason).
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    The question is only meaningful if you say the town name. There are "average" prices, which are calculated for a town.

    But even that is misleading. In one neighborhood the average price is $250,000. In another neighborhood 2 miles away, the average price is $600,000. Both neighborhoods are in the same town.

    There are no laws saying "only poor people in this town" or "only rich people here". Often, the governments of rich (expensive) towns have "affordable housing" projects to create homes that low-income families can afford.

    Here "four-bedroom" is an adjective. In English, you don't make adjectives plural.
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