how much is the internet?

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  1. MyUserName Senior Member

    I wonder if someone could help with a few questions a foreigner would ask when visiting an English speaking country:

    1) How much is the internet? It sounds obvious but I`m not sure about that. Sorry.

    Thanks a lot.
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    I think you'll need to give us more information. I'm assuming you want to use (get on) the Internet... but would that be in an Internet cafe, or would you like service installed in your home, or something else entirely?
  3. MyUserName Senior Member

    It`s an internet cafe.
    Sometimes the price is not visible and I need to ask about it.
    I wonder how to do it in a native speaker way.
  4. Copyright

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    How much is it to use the Internet? would certainly work. Or glancing at the computers and asking How much do you charge? Or, What are your rates? would do it. Maybe How much is it to go online?

    If you have a particular time in mind, you can ask how much it is for 30 minutes or one hour or so, but the general questions above might get you a price list.
  5. MyUserName Senior Member

    Thank you very much, indeed!

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