How much of this/ How many of these

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  1. redgiant Senior Member

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    Does "How much of this" refer to the menu? I was wondering if "How many of these", which refers to the items on the menu, could also work without changing the meaning much.

    Executive Chef: We have too large a menu for the amount of business we do. If I have 120 items on the menu, and we do 50 people a night. How much of this am I able to prep on the regular basis to have quality....

    Source: Hotel Hell Season 1 Episode 4

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  2. PaulQ

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    How much of this [menu]
    How many of these [items]

    They are much the same thing.
  3. pob14 Senior Member

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    The individual items aren't "prepped" (prepared) beforehand, the ingredients are; meat is sliced, vegetables are chopped, a few things may be pre-cooked. (At least this is true in better restaurants.) So it's not really an issue of prepping a few menu items, but not others; it's an issue of not being able to prep enough food to cover the entire menu.

    So the original is correct.
  4. Parla Senior Member

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    I agree with Paul that either would be acceptable. He could be thinking of the massive size of the menu, or of the length of the list of items.

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