How much time do we have?

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by gunner2012, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. gunner2012 New Member

    someone please help me to say "How much time do we have?" in Deutsch..
    Thank you :)
  2. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    Hi Gunner,
    it is "Wieviel Zeit haben wir?" but may depend on context.
    Can you, please, give some context? Context is essential for many translations. I gave you a translation rather straightforward, but due to context there may be a better one.
    If it is for learning German, you should try an own translation first.

    Greetings to Indonesia.
  3. gunner2012 New Member

    I'm making a short movie in Deutsch, the context is when two agents are about to kill a terrorist. Then, one of the agent said, "How much time do we have?"
  4. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    Wieviel Zeit haben wir? idiomatic and correct.

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