How`s the revolution come?


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I am pretty confused about the following sentence.
I mean is it natural to say

How`s the revolution come?

when a person enters his house and finds all the things and issues settled down.

Thanks in advance.
  • Qadri

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    I mean if a husband`s wife had a fight with her mother-in-law in front of him and he leave the home and later the issues get resolved, but the husband doesn`t know about that and when he enters the house he finds them sitting together and enjoying the movie.
    Then could he say, "How has the revolution come?"

    or any other better expression for that.


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    Maybe we could understand the meaning of "How has the revolution come?" if you told us what the expected reply from the womenfolk would be. I can't tell whether the comment is intended to be serious, sarcastic, or amused, nor whether the husband expects an answer. I imagine some tact would be required in such a situation; to say the wrong thing might be to start them fighting all over again.


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    It wouldn't make sense in AmE, either, because of the use of "revolution". Some comment relating in general to war or peace, made in a joking way, might make sense—if, for example, he said, "Oh, the war seems to be over. It's nice to see that peace has been declared!"


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    One of my uncles used to say, "How goes the revolution?" It just meant "how are things with you." I have no idea where it came from, but it seems to be reasonably common on the Internet.
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