How should I pronounce huge amounts ?


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Hi !

I'm French and I live in Vancouver. Can you help me pronouncing these amounts :

2 500 000 $ : should I say two point five millions ? or two millions and five hundred thousands ? two millions five ?

350 000 $ : three hundreds and fifty thousands ? or three fifty thousands ?

thanks a lot.
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    Hi Bourrico,

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    Much depends on the context.

    In a general sense, when speaking or reading/writing a non-specific article, one would say: two point five million (no "s" required). It's easy, succinct and especially convenient when using round numbers.

    You can also say two million five hundred thousand* (again, no plural "s" required), but it's a bit longer.

    With 350,000 one would generally say three hundred fifty thousand (no plural "s" required)

    I've never heard three fifty thousands.....

    Edit: Oops! Thanks, Moogey, for the correction. What's a missing thousand afterall? It's just money! :D


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    Hi Nicolas!

    2 500 000: two million five hundred thousand (or 2.5 million = two point five million) (Gen: Isn't two million five hundred 2 000 500?)

    350 000: three hundred (and) fifty thousand

    Hope it helps


    Giordano Bruno

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    BE is Three hundered and fifty thousand. We also say one hundred and five, whereas I have noticed the AE form of one hundred five. The AE form sounds very American to English ears


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    In the UK you will come across people using K instead of thousands. As in the house is up for sale for 350k, he earns 35k a year. Some people use grand for thousands as well. I sold the car for four grand (£4,000). You will also hear people saying mill meaning millions as in "The new Olympic stadium is going to cost 30 mill and I bet it's all coming out of tax and the lottery."


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    How about "two and a half millions" for 2 500 000?
    Or should that be "two and a half million"? :confused: