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    The following was deleted, quite rightly, by a moderator to whom I am deeply in debt and most grateful as it did not ask a question. I wondered if anyone could advise me how to suggest additions to the dictionaries other than the thread offered for the English language alone. Reading the similar threads there is no way to directly add new words.

    However, eleven years ago, a gentleman using the forum name Mkellogg (the first similar thread to appear) said he was compiling a list of omitted words and I wonder if this could be added to those lists if they are still kept going.

    My deepest thanks to you all,

    The English dictionary gives the definition of the Tetragrammaton (i.e. literally a word of four letters, applied to the Hebrew name of God, J H V H or Y H W H, rendered in English with the vowels of Adonai, Lord, as Jehovah) but the French dictionary does not record the form ''le Tétragramme (m.)'' nor does the German dictionary record that it is naturalised as ''das Tetragrammaton (n.)''.


    For the French: Définitions : tétragramme - Dictionnaire de français Larousse

    For the German: Duden | Tetragrammaton | Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition, Herkunft
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    Hello Rearquhar, and welcome to the WR Forums!

    Your suggestions for dictionary additions are most welcome, but the follow-up is not handled by the forum moderators, but another team.

    Here is how to make them: On any dictionary page (not this discussion forum), just look at the bottom of the left side of the page and click on "Suggestions".

    That will lead you to a page that allows you to suggest the additions to our dictionary. The suggestion will be followed up--not necessarily right away, but as soon as possible.

    wildan1, Forum moderator
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    Hi Rearquhar. These dictionaries will always be incomplete. I can compare the list of terms to our unabridged English dictionary and easily find tens of thousands of words that we don't have translations for. We add quite a few over time, but we have not and will probably never add them all. Why? It is expensive and time-consuming.
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    Dear Mr Kellogg,
    A most sensible reply. Forgive me,
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    No, no problem!

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