How to address an aunt or uncle in Czech?

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by Kirja, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Kirja Senior Member

    Okay, so how do you address an aunt or uncle in Czech?

    For example how could I say "Aunt Betty" in Czech?

    Thanks in advance :)!
  2. Kachni New Member


    it's 'teta Betty' and we use a word 'strýc' or 'strejda' (more informal, widely used) for an uncle.
  3. Kirja Senior Member

    Thank you so much :)!
  4. Enquiring Mind

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    I hope I'm not splitting hairs here folks, but let's not forget that the original poster asks "how do you address an aunt or uncle in Czech?", and when you address someone (say their name when you are speaking or writing to them directly), you need the vocative (5th) case.

    Teta Betty
    je moc hodná. Aunt/Auntie/Aunty Betty is very kind. (Nominative - This is a statement, Aunt Betty is the subject of the verb)
    Jsi moc hodná, teto! You're very kind, aunty/auntie! (Vocative - you are addressing Aunt Betty directly, i.e. speaking or writing to her).

    Strejda/strýček je moc hodný. (My) uncle is very kind. (Nominative, as above)
    Jsi moc hodný, strejdo/strýčku! You're very kind, uncle! (Vocative, as above)

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