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  1. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    I'm sure this question has been asked before but I couldn't find what I wanted in one thread.

    Can you tell me what the standard way of answering the phone is in the following countries?

    Puerto Rico:
    Costa Rica:

    I know in Spain it is "diga" or "sí". What is it in the other Spanish-speaking countries? I know that "Hola" isn't standard, right? Saying "Hola" when one answers the phone is a sure way to reveal oneself as a non-native speaker.
  2. yepega New Member

    USA Spanish
    I think in Mexico they say "Bueno?" In Colombia we say "alo?" just like in french
  3. iberco32 Senior Member

    Spanish, Logroño (Spain)
    En España dígame o diga.
  4. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)

    Argentina: "Hola" is the most common way to answer the phone in Argentina. You can also hear someone answer with a "Diga", and maybe that person is of Spanish descendant, but I find that way of answering pretty rude... :mad:
  5. Kibramoa

    Kibramoa Senior Member

    Heart of Texas, U.S.A.
    Spanish - MX

  6. ivanovic77

    ivanovic77 Senior Member

    Spanish, Catalan - Spain
    Is Spain, the traditional form has always been "diga" or "dígame" as noted above, but lately it is becoming increasingly common to hear a plain "¿Sí?", especially among the younger generation.
  7. penandpaper

    penandpaper Senior Member

    UK English
    I would be interested in knowing of any colloquial variations especially for Spain. Something a "cool dude" might say when they answered the phone.

    I'm translating a TV script about someone in a publicity agency who answers the phone "Salut" in ENglish. I was wondering if "Alo" might do for an audience in Spain? Or some other suggestion?

    many thanks
  8. alicia.ana7592 New Member

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    Hello. Our names are Alicia and Ana, and we are students in the U.S.A. and are working on a project for our Spanish class. Our project is about how people answer the phone in different Spanish speaking countries. What is the first word you say? We would like it if people from many different countries would respond. Thanks!
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  9. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
  10. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob Moderator

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    Welcome, Alicia and Ana! :)

    Down here, at least in Mexico City, people use to say:

    "¿bueno?" and

  11. alicia.ana7592 New Member

    thank you, but in what countries?

    Thank you for the information on Mexico. It will be of much help.
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  12. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Hola almost everywhere.
    Aló certain people almost everywhere
    Bueno in Mexico
    Hable very serious people almost everywhere.
  13. cbrena

    cbrena Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    ¿Diga? España
  14. alicia.ana7592 New Member

    Thanks so much! Also, if you guys have any friends or family members in other countries then it would be much appreciated if you asked them to post something. Thanks!
  15. 1989 Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Hola - Argentina
    Diga - Argentina (serious and old people, sometimes)
  16. En Perú: ¿aló?
  17. aldonzalorenzo

    aldonzalorenzo Senior Member

    castellano de España
    En España, también: Dígame.
  18. gusanillo New Member

  19. didakticos

    didakticos Senior Member

    St. Petersburg, FL, USA
    Español de Costa Rica (y de otras partes también)
    En Costa Rica la gran mayoría de la gente responde: ¡Aló!
  20. HaRo

    HaRo Senior Member

    Estado de México
    Mexican Spanish
    "¿Aló?" en Colombia también
  21. jlmyth

    jlmyth Senior Member

    English - Oz Español - Chile
    Aló en Chile
  22. sarah_ Senior Member

    spanish- Madrid (Spain)
    Añadir (es una obviedad) que ¿diga?, ¿dígame? o ¿sí? es lo normal es España cuando no se conoce la identidad del llamante. Si reconoces el número, se suele saludar directamente. Hola, buenos días, qué tal, etc...
  23. Camilo1964

    Camilo1964 Senior Member

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Spanish - Venezuela
    En Venezuela, lo usual es "Aló"
  24. alicia.ana7592 New Member

    thank you so much everybody!!
  25. Anglicidio Senior Member

    Estados Unidos
    English - American
    Entretenida la respuesta. En Chile se dice "Aló"

  26. alicia.ana7592 New Member

    thank you guys so, so much! everything has been very helpful on our project, it is coming along well. thanks again!

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