How to ask a question about the meaning of an unknown word?

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I usually use,"what's the meaning of xxxx?",is that the usually way in standard English?
or,when I ask a guy,shall I say,"what do you mean of" or "what do you mean by"?,
I can see both "mean of" and "mean by" from different resources...
If they are all right.Is there any other preposition usually used in speaking.
and,some examples,shall I say,
What do you mean of you have done....or the correct sentence is,"What do you mean of your having done"?
and,what about "mean by"in this similar situation...
Thank you.
  • By far the most common way to ask this question is:

    What does xxxx mean?

    "What do you mean by xxxx" is possible, but in English it is usually interpreted as asking for more than just the definition of a word. We use this expression to ask why a person used a particular word or expression more often than to ask what it means.

    "What do you mean of xxxx" is not correct.
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